Thursday, August 8, 2013

Age and declining fertility ... the real story

I’ve been on this soap box before - now along comes a supporter, well at least in most respects. I just beg to differ with her take on alcohol during pregnancy. The studies are unanimous - there is no known safe level of consumption! FULL STOP. But that’s a digression from the real thrust of her article...

One of the real drivers behind the scare-mongering about declining fertility from thirty onwards is the very well-funded, extremely profitable but largely unsuccessful Assisted Reproductive TechnologyLatest ART combined statistics (2010) for Australia and NZ show a success rate of just 18.1 percent. Do your sums people! That’s a failure rate of close to 82 percent. I bet you’d never buy a car or a TV if it failed to work 82 percent of the time.  

On the other hand, health promotion measures encompassing diet, lifestyle, environment and mental/emotional issues for both prospective parents for a minimum period of 4 months prior to conception can deliver better than 80 percent success rate, even when fertility issues are long-standing. Better still, the birth weight and the physical and mental health of the offspring are as good as you can get! The latter is an outcome that IVF will never be able to offer, bypassing as it does one of Nature’s simple, fail-safe mechanisms for ensuring healthiest possible reproduction.

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