Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bacteria are part of us!

Very interesting study showing that the ability of some individuals to encourage a stable and healthy population of bacteria in their guts, is in their genes! The researchers believe this knowledge could pave the way for better treatments for gut-related disorders that include obesity, autism and inflammatory bowel disease. I say here is yet another reason to make sure that your children express their genetic potential in positive ways. 

That simply means for a minimum period of four months before conception, both prospective parents need an abundance of all the helpful factors for such positive gene expression- fresh, whole, rainbow-hued food, purified water, chemical-free environment, stress-free lifestyle and a high potency, multi-strain probiotic with a comprehensive supplement containing all essential nutrients. Avoid anything that might be potentially toxic! 

And more news from the study ... it proved that the bacteria don‘t live in the lumen of the gut as was previously supposed, but in fact they inhabit the gut lining. Little pockets known as crypts, which are species specific, seem to act as a safe haven for the bacteria in the presence of a constantly changing, dynamic environment, which includes the passage of food, drink, digestive juices and more. 

The conclusion drawn from this elegant piece of research bears repeating. “Bacteria are living in very close proximity to our tissues and we can’t ignore microbial contributions to our biology or our health. They are part of us!”

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