Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Make yours clean, green and chemical-free

Food contaminants including dioxin, PCB, and BPA may increase the risks of obesity by worsening metabolic responses, warn researchers.

Yep, yet another confirmation of the benefits of organic, whole, fresh, grown on healthy soil together with a lifestyle and environment as free of toxicity as you can possibly make them! It’s that chemical cocktail that’s the real problem - small amounts of ubiquitous chemicals that alone may not present a health threat, are a lethal weapon when they all get together!

It’s not a difficult equation, in fact it’s common sense and I make no apologies for telling this story before. This particular study looked at the low dose chemical cocktail that can lead to the metabolic and endocrine changes responsible for glucose intolerance and oestrogen disturbance in adult females and altered cholesterol and lipid metabolism in adult males. Hardly surprising that this this same cocktail has the potential for profound adverse effects on the embryo and foetus. 

So get with the program! No matter how far away your pregnancy, your efforts to clean up your diet, lifestyle and environment will benefit you and your partner, but most importantly your children!  All you need to know right here ...

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