Friday, October 11, 2013

Eat more probiotics (and fermented foods).

I’m always delighted to see highly visible experts extol the virtues of a healthy gut before conception and during pregnancy. Dr. Mercola is of course very highly visible, publishing the most widely-read, health and wellbeing newsletter in the world!

Of course he’s also a thorn in the side of the US medical profession, the FDA, the pro-GM lobby, the vaccination protagonists and numerous others, but more power to Dr. Mercola I say! 

He’s also a big advocate of probiotic supplements and more recently of fermented foods as a very high potency source of beneficial bacteria. I’ve recently embraced the additional fermented food method of maintaining gut health and have developed a real taste for ginger kefir. You can download Dr. Mercola’s interview with Carole Barringer to find out how to make your own pickled vegetables and fermented drinks. The supplemental product that I use myself  and recommend highly is Progurt - you can take the single sachet as a once/week dose, or you can use it to make a very tasty yogurt. 

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