Thursday, November 7, 2013

One third of the world's population needs more sunshine!

New data from a systematic review of almost 200 population-based studies shows that more than a third of populations worldwide may suffer from low levels of vitamin D. Gee, and to think that this particular vitamin is manufactured in the skin by sunlight, it depends on no particular type of food intake and also comes free of charge! 

Yet, researchers from Mannheim Institute of Public Health, Heidelberg University, Germany publishing their findings in the British Journal of Nutrition, stated that of 168,000 people, in 195 studies conducted in 44 countries, 37.3% of the studies reported mean serum vitamin D levels of less than 50nmol/litre. This is a level considered to be inadequate by health authorities. If you’ve missed my vitamin D blog posts in the past, here’s a recap on the recommendations for ensuring vitamin D adequacy.

As a public health measure, universally restoring vitamin D status would not only have a massively beneficial impact on the health status of entire populations, but could be implemented quickly, safely and cheaply. So let the sun shine on - every day. For a continuing appropriate relationship between your skin and the sun...
  • Ensure it’s a clear day without pollution
  • Minimize UVA while allowing UVB
  • 10-15 minutes exposure/day between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm
  • Expose 40 percent of skin area
  • If this isn’t possible, use oral supplements of D3 to achieve 40-60ng/ml (100-150nMols/L)

RULE OF THUMB: For every 100IU ingested, there is increase of 1ng/ml

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