Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Corporate Terrorism? Let's stop the rot!

Over two years, the rat subjects experienced significant ill-health, gross tumour development and early death, thanks to Monsanto’s GMO strains of corn and their associated herbicide Roundup. Not surprisingly, Monsanto didn’t like what the studies showed, so what did they do? Created a brand new position on the editorial board of Food and Chemical Toxicology, installed one of their ex-scientists, who promptly ordered the study unfavourable to Monsanto's interests to be retracted. 

Well rather than dousing the debate around GMOs and Roundup, the retraction has fueled the fires. Indeed, quiet outrage has followed, since there is no evidence of fraud or poor science in the much-publicised Seralini study. Fortunately Seralini is no stranger to walking where others fear to tread, is sticking by his findings and is prepared to fight the retraction in court. 

But this latest drama in the evolution of “corporate terrorism” strikes at the heart of dedicated, committed, unbiased science (yes, some is still being conducted). But unless we take a firm stand and demand the return of unbiased, impartial, non-commercial science we are doomed to ill-health and the over-riding money-making, controlling interests of massive enterprises like Monsanto and the more generalised Big Pharma. The so-called "Science Journals" should be in our sights too - with multiple recent examples of published papers being nothing more than thinly disguised advertorials for new drugs. Take a moment to sign the petition.

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