Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Risks of electromagnetic pollution

Every time I travel on a bus or train, I can’t help but think of the electromagnetic soup that I and all my fellow passengers are bathing in! That's after I've spent the day in our wirelessly connected office of course. No matter that you don’t have a cell phone in your pocket or a tablet in your lap, no matter that you don't work in an all-electronic office environment, you’re an unwitting, and if informed, unwilling, experimental subject. Make no mistake, exposure to electromagnetic fields carries health risks! And the fact that electromagnetic pollution is unseen makes it even more insidious - it’s particularly a health risk for foetuses and the developing brains of children.

Radiation from cell phones and Wi-fi has been linked to decreased brain motor function, social and emotional issues and inability to concentrate or focus on long-term tasks. Declining sperm count and fertility are other by-products of the current ocean of EMR that comes from a range of sources including wireless routers, cordless phones, smart whiteboards, antenna, bluetooth earpieces, baby monitors and more. What to do given that exposure is almost inevitable? Protective measures include anti-oxidant nutrients, ongoing detoxification and avoiding exposure to those devices that are within your control. Particular guidelines for children must be heeded with the goal of keeping all exposure to a bare minimum. More on the subject in Healthy Parents, Healthy Toddler.

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