Thursday, May 14, 2015

Getting iron levels up to speed ... before pregnancy

Yet another one of those hugely frustrating studies that leaves me wondering how many more years must pass before the importance of preconception care is shouted from every rooftop and promoted by every health care professional worldwide! 

For thirty years I’ve been promoting serum ferritin levels as the test of choice for iron status and of establishment of optimal iron levels well before conception. It’s simple, if the mother begins her pregnancy in an iron-depleted state, no amount of supplementation can make up for the deficit. End of story! Oh actually, not quite …

When supplementing to restore iron status, iron must be in an organic form (not the cheap and ever-popular ferrous sulphate) and must be accompanied by all the other trace minerals and co-factors such as vitamin C. While the authors are talking about the need for personalised nutrition, I hope they recognise and promote the vital importance of an all-organic, whole food diet. Much more in my easy to read mini ebooks.


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