Friday, May 22, 2015

Our bacteria affect our brain function

Been bleating about importance of the gut microbiome for ages, but here’s a new connection that should give seniors cause for pause - our bacteria affect our brain function.

Of course, this is not exactly related to Better Babies, but if you’re worried about those increasingly frequent senior moments - a forgotten word or phrase, a face you can’t put a name to, no recollection of what you did yesterday - listen up!

If you want the Better Babies version of the microbiome story - the infant gut and skin are inoculated with good bacteria during the baby’s journey down the birth canal, and with exclusive breastfeeding until at least six months. Then an organic whole food diet, purified water, probiotic supplementation and no antibiotics, are other factors needed to ensure an optimally healthy microbiome in the child, which should be well-established by the age of two or three.

Lots more details in both my books

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