Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Truth About Cancer

When I watched the first two episodes of The Truth About Cancer I detected a swing by those with a cancer diagnosis to question the status quo. I was particularly moved by the story of the 13 year old girl with a brainstem tumor who decided that chemotherapy was not for her! Multiple interviews in subsequent episodes revealed her attitude was not uncommon, especially if someone had initial, conventional cancer treatments and opted for a different path second time around. 

I’m familiar with people questioning the orthodox dogma. It’s now more than thirty years since I embarked on the campaign trail to educate prospective parents about natural ways to improve fertility, why a normal, vaginal birth and prolonged breastfeeding are worth their weight in gold, and much more. For many couples this advice has been both welcomed and empowering. 

But other couples still opt for IVF, Caesarean delivery and infant formula … at least for their first baby. But what excites me after thirty years, six books, six ebooks, three mini-ebooks and hundreds of presentations and interviews, is parents’ increasing enthusiasm for taking responsibility for their own reproductive health and for the future physical and mental health of their children.

There is no doubt that The Truth About Cancer 9-part series taps into a similar vein. There’s also no doubt that this will be confronting viewing for many, particularly for those who have received the current so-called gold-standard of cancer treatments - surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. But the series, in a host of excellent interviews with well-credentialled practitioners of all persuasions (and their patients), challenges orthodox cancer treatments and reveals the extent of the suppression of proven natural therapies. But for those looking beyond mainstream medical prescriptions, it provides hope and a positive message that cancer is not a death sentence. I urge you to watch it with a completely open mind, then make your own decisions about what mix of cancer treatments might be right for you.

if you miss the window for free viewing, you can purchase the DVD series. Absolutely worthwhile investment.

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