Sunday, February 17, 2008

Too long between posts

Sometimes despite the best intentions, my blog gets neglected. But a wonderful, diligent colleague keeps me (mostly) up to speed with some relevant, recent research. Here's a selection of the latest
Pomegranate juice can enhance sperm production
Another study shows that when pregnant Mums consume omega-3 fatty acids, they improve their child's coordination
But the Cochrane review of the role of Vitamins C and E in preventing pre-eclampia dismissed the benefits which only goes to show that isolating one or two nutritional factors and studying them alone makes no sense at all. Nature doesn't work that way - it's a holistic approach that gets the results (and that includes a combination of all the trace elements, vitamins, essential amino and fatty acids)
And something that makes a lot of sense - a mother's taste for fruit and vegetables is passed on to her baby
Finally, from Feb 20 08 I'll be on the west coast of the US for a 5-week speaking tour. 30 presentations in as many days. Email for the full schedule

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