Monday, January 10, 2011

Revise revisit and refresh

Anyone might be forgiven for thinking I'd fallen from the radar, but au contraire ... since last blog I've taken my important preconception message in exciting, new directions. I've got a brand new website ready to go live. You'll find a wealth of information (written by yours truly) from preconception to breast feeding & beyond, also practical, well-ordered information across the categories: eat, do, think, habits & surrounds. So it's all the stuff you need to do and all you need to know! 

But even better - the new site includes a casual game. What better way to connect with a new, younger audience? Through clever deployment of game-play mechanics we've created teaching point situations that require you to actively participate in both the virtual and real world! The game will be played online or directly through Facebook - at the moment it's in alpha-testing phase ... so stay tuned and check the site regularly.

Last year I was also invited to participate in a joint initiative with School/Police Liason - Northern Region. Got to spread the word to Senior High School Students. Making the information relevant to late teens and young adults, they got the message - the adverse effects of alcohol, smoking and drugs on fertility, health of eggs and sperm and subsequent foetal, infant and child development. Great response from teachers, school counsellors, but most importantly from the students! There's no doubt that the teenage years present an ideal opportunity to deliver this information through interactive media, social networks and online communities. Finally - three new books in the pipeline for publication mid-2011!

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