Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another infertility book joins the ranks

So we have another book joining the volumes on natural ways to improve fertility. Article in the Sydney Morning Herald quoted the authors, a naturopath and the well-regarded Dr Sandra Cabot on the many dietary issues that need attention, but then the negative comments followed. Questions about validity, research, the credentials of naturopaths vs doctors and more. Where infertility is concerned, a healthy diet and lifestyle is not a panacea - it’s merely a VITAL starting point. Optimal reproductive health is only achieved with a combination of whole food diet, robust and comprehensive supplementation, healthy lifestyle, toxicity-free environment, regular exercise, reduced stress levels and a positive attitude. And that’s for both partners! In addition, existing conditions such as hormone imbalance, malabsorption, infection, compromised immunity, heavy metal or other toxic burden must be addressed.  When it’s done well - by all parties - it works and works well.  Actually, naturopaths or integrative doctors who have been trained in all that’s required, do it best, but only when they have the complete commitment of the prospective parents to their part of the program. While there may be a small percentage of couples who fail to conceive despite their very best efforts, I think the biggest stumbling block and reason for failure is the attitude – “it’s too hard, there are too many things I need to change/give up, let’s just go for the quick fix!” 

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