Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vaccine damage - if you're in the US, don't look for help

Did you know that the US Supreme Court has endorsed a 1988 ruling that absolves pharmaceutical manufacturers from any cases that individuals might bring against them for vaccine damage. In other words, if your child suffers brain damage, and needs a lifetime of care, you’re on your own! The world has gone mad, at least in the US, where vaccination is not only mandatory but those delivering these toxins are now absolved completely and absolutely from any responsibility. Where’s the incentive for Big Pharma to prove their product is safe or to develop less toxic versions? Wiped out with one ruling!

And check this, three decades ago, government officials were ordering doctors to give children 23 doses of 7 vaccines and today that direct order is up to 70 doses of 16 vaccines. No wonder they’re concerned about potential fallout from those who are harmed! At least in Australia we still have the right to refuse - a right which more and more parents are exercising thanks to the tireless efforts of committed organisations like Australian Vaccination Network. Do your homework people, find out the facts and take every step possible to keep immune systems strong by natural means! 

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