Monday, January 30, 2012

Healthy Parents Healthy Baby

What a journey! It makes being a Mum seem quite straightforward!

It started out as a six month project to develop a Healthy Parents, Healthy Baby casual game, a project which actually took almost 2 years. On the strength of the game development I had agreed to write two books that would integrate with this entertaining educational medium. A new website to house the game then needed design and plenty of content ... but along the way my NZ IT Team were beset by earthquake and the booksellers of Australia saw major closures. These gave my publisher pause and a rethinking of sales and marketing strategies for this new book series.

But now at last we have a finished product. Or at least a finished product insofar as these sorts of products are ever finished.

The website is a simple introduction to a natural, healthy approach to having babies! But playing the game will add layers to what the website introduces. 10 minutes per day on your PC, directly thru facebook or on your smart phone and you can undertake the activities, acquire the products, get involved in menu selection, learn more and test your knowledge in a fun and entertaining way! Then the books and ebooks give you additional detail and the motivation to put it all into action in the real world.

Healthy Parents Healthy Baby is Your Guide to Preconception and Pregnancy and mid-2012 there will be Healthy Parents Healthy Toddler - Guide to Birth, Breastfeeding and the Toddler Years. Unlike my previous books which were jam-packed full of detailed info - these new volumes are an easy read, that together with a completely new medium of communication deliver simple to follow advice that will encourage you and your partner to give your baby the very best possible start in life.Then when you join the online community you can share your ideas and your successes with other prospective and new parents. Finally my blog will again be a regular feature and I very much look forward to sharing your parenting journey.

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