Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Parenting with Passion

If you’re looking for a great read, then try Steve Jobs - The Exclusive Biography by Walter Isaacson. If you’re wondering about the man who drove revolutions in personal computing, desktop publishing, music players, mobile phones, apps, tablet computers, books, journalism and more then you’ll learn of an extraordinary blend of passionate visionary and deeply flawed human being. Leaving aside all the accolades and notwithstanding Jobs’ unparalleled contribution to changing the way we interact with the world, I was fascinated by the man’s ability to alienate, frustrate, infuriate and otherwise put offside almost all of his friends, family, work and business associates. Are there excuses for what polite folk might call boorish? Is the flip side of his single-minded vision and passion a complete lack of empathy and warmth? I really don’t know - the book reveals dark doors, hidden agendas and childhood traumas, but none fully excuse or explain the dark side. Nor do they explain how the dark side co-existed with the gracious, utterly charming and totally charismatic leader who inspired millions of devoted fans and appreciative consumers!

Why bring this up in a blog about having healthy babies? First of all the passion that Jobs brought to everything he did is something I encourage parents to find. Parenting deserves your very best shot and if you’re passionate about your preparation for pregnancy that will carry through your entire parenting journey and flow over into into other areas of your life. Encourage your child to find his passion too, just remember that passion may hold no special attraction to you or other family members ... but then again it just might. Steve Jobs adoptive father was a talented motor mechanic, restoring old cars to their former glory and he instilled in Steve the belief that order, perfection and creative design should always be adhered to whether visible or hidden from view. Jobs took that admonition very seriously.

Order, perfection and creative design could be aptly likened to the growth of two cells into a human being. Consider it your job to ensure that growth proceeds to perfection! Become a passionate advocate for two healthy parents making the healthiest baby possible.

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