Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Well the new book Healthy Parents, Healthy Baby is in the shops today and you can see the interview I did yesterday on prime morning time TV. With so many women lining up for routine ultrasound I was quite guarded in voicing my concerns, lest I be seen as a doom-sayer, a species I strongly recommend that pregnant women avoid. However if you read the book you will see that I include a little “Did You Know?” snippet describing ultrasound as a new male contraceptive. My question of course to you - if ultrasound scrambles sperm what does it do to rapidly developing embryonic cells? My answer to another Today Show question regarding the contribution of the male partner to the health of his offspring is also worth noting. In that all-important 4-month period prior to conception when sperm are forming - no mobile phones in pockets and no laptops in laps. Just a few of the things to keep in mind, but the better informed you are and the more attention you pay, the healthier that baby of yours is going to be!

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