Thursday, January 17, 2013

Supplements ... give us the freedom to choose

The setting of maximum permitted nutrient levels (MPLs) across the EU (written into the 2002 EU Food Supplements Directive) was always going to be been a contentious issue. Citizens of the UK, who have long enjoyed the most generous (and truly useful) levels of vitamins and minerals in their supplements will be most adversely affected, not to mention the potential loss of jobs and livelihoods across the health food/natural medicine/specialist supplements sectors. Seems that it’s France and Germany prepared to sacrifice higher dosage levels in the interests of “harmonisation.”

But UK MPs aren’t taking the proposed changes lying down, with Liberal Democrats and Labour MPs coming together, at the same time that David Cameron is making noises about renegotiating UK’s position in the EU. We can only hope that those MPs and common sense prevail. 
“the maximum permitted levels of vitamins and minerals issue is a political and economic issue, masquerading as a public health issue. The science on which it’s based is junk, as we have shown in two peer-reviewed papers. We hope that Ms Hoey and others will be able to make clear to commissioner Borg that the EU should stop meddling with people’s civil liberties, particularly over how they choose to manage their health!”

Hear, hear!

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