Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Early solids? To do or not to do...?

"Premature consumption of solid foods could significantly increase the risk of early weight gain and metabolic damage, according to new research in monkeys." 

Yet, in a misguided move to reduce the incidence of food allergy and intolerance, the Allergy Association in Australia recently made recommendations to introduce solids at four months. This flies in the face of this recent research showing that early solids may contribute to the obesity epidemic, but also in the face of World Health Organisation recommendations for exclusive breastfeeding for a minimum period of six months. 

Why not wait until the expert indicates readiness for solid food? In other words, when your baby starts to reach for food from your plate - when he is able to manage pieces of food in his fingers and when you don't need to puree, mash, strain and spoon - then it's time for solids! If you want to take steps to prevent allergy in your children, the best place to begin is before conception. Get a knowledgeable practitioner to help you sort out your own allergies, complete all the diet and lifestyle changes to ensure healthiest possible eggs and sperm, which is also the best foundation for a robust immune system in your developing baby. All the details right here ... 

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