Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Get a little sun on your skin!

It’s surely not too much to ask in the name of optimal vitamin D status - get out in the sun! I defy anyone to say they don’t feel better when they step outside from their artificially-lit, air-conditioned home or office into a pool of warming sunlight. It’s the ultimate feel-good factor in my book and I’m sure that Nature intended it that way. 

The evidence now points overwhelmingly to the foundation status of vitamin D for optimal bone and immune health (to name just two vital functions) but also points to the widespread deficiency of this key nutrient amongst the general population. The debate as to the best maintenance dose for supplements and the need for ongoing testing to ensure optimal status, leaves me in no doubt about regular doses of sunshine to ensure you’re getting enough. 

For infants, a daily, unprotected sun bath, when the sun is more than 50 degrees above the horizon (but obviously avoiding the hottest part of the day), until the skin has a slight pink tinge, then wash only the smelly parts and all your supplementing issues are solved. Similar recommendation for pregnancy, with additional sun exposure on your nipples excellent preparation for breastfeeding. Same deal re wait for slight pink tone and no washing straight afterwards.

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