Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Manipulating the numbers ... avoiding the real question.

“There are three types of lies ... lies, damn lies and statistics.” Whether it was Benjamin Disraeli or Mark Twain who said it, the truth of the phrase is perfectly demonstrated by the recent statistical manipulation of some very questionable, indeed non-existent numbers. In the name of making vaccination mandatory across the globe, Bill Gates’ Project Tycho puts forward their case. 

But with recent research (including studies from our very own University of NSW) linking the rise of a virulent vaccine resistant whooping cough strain to vaccination itself, we should be very wary. The foremost question with which scientists should concern themselves, rather than investing millions of dollars to play computer games with Magical Numbers, is to determine whether the DPT vaccine is responsible for the emergence of vaccine-resistant pertussis outbreaks. And while they're researching, parents would do well to ensure immune competence of their children by means that don't involve vaccination. Ideally, the story starts before conception, but it's never too late to get started and the details are right here! 

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